Best Tools For Cross-Platform Solutions and It’s Benefits


  • Single code base to build multiple apps
  • One app that works on multiple platforms
  • One application to run on multiple applications that host
  • Reusability of application UI components and code
  • Ease of testing and maintenance
  • Faster development and faster time to market


  • Depending on complexity, 80% of the codebase can be shared across the platform.
  • The Hot Reload feature allows developers to make code changes in seconds.
  • Develop apps faster and cheaper with React Native.
  • React Native focuses mainly on user interface.
  • Provides support for a wider community
  • It’s free, open source, and based on Google’s internal language, Dart.
  • Provides mobile application development companies with advanced widgets and built-in user interface elements.
  • The hot reload features ensure faster development.
  • Ideal setting for MVP development.
  • Provides modern solutions for native Android and iOS apps that let you work with seamless integration.
  • Ensure exceptional visual experience for mobile platforms.
  • Newer versions of Xamarin have low disk impact, which speeds up installation times.
  • Automatically install Android SDK on demand.
  • Xamarin has a strong community of over 60,000 contributors.
  • Take advantage of cloud services for packaging, distribution and testing.
  • Uses the titanium frame to make it effective.
  • Offers access to third-party tools, plug-ins and a great community.
  • Provides a wide selection of user interface components for powerful application development
  • As a mature framework, it is supported by a vibrant community of over 5 million developers in over 200 countries.
  • Ionic guarantees the speed of light in application development. From automated native builds to updates, Ionic lets you automate your entire mobile development lifecycle.
  • Corona SDK can provide you with 1000+ APIs and cheer you up with animation, sound, music. interpolate objects, manage textures, and more in app development.
  • Supports nearly 200 plugins including in-app advertising, analytics, multimedia and hardware features.
  • Responds to code changes almost instantly, giving you an actual preview of your app.
  • Appcelerator provides various tools for rapid application development. This indicates that a prototype can be created with much less time and effort to evaluate user interaction with the user interface.
  • ArrowDB has a non-mathematical data store that allows developers to deploy data models without additional configuration effort.
  • Allows integration of existing continuous delivery systems such as SCM solutions and more.
  • Appcelerator has built-in connectors available for MS Azure, MS SQL, Salesforce, the list is too long.
  • All Node.js APIs are asynchronous, which means they are non-blocking, which means that Node.JS-based servers mostly don’t wait for data from the APIs. Immediately switch to another API after calling it. The notification mechanism for Node.js allows the server to receive a response from a previous API call. The
  • Node.js library is extremely fast at code execution, as it is based on Chrome’s V8 engine.
  • Node.js cross-platform applications do not buffer, instead, the applications generate data in chunks.
  • To provide smooth and well-managed applications, Node.js uses a single-threaded model with event looping capabilities. This event mechanism allows servers to respond in a non-blocking manner, making them scalable.
  • Node.JS applications reduce response times for slow queries, and every developer can make information requests all at once.



Being myself is which brought me where am i

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Amirrtha Kesavan

Amirrtha Kesavan

Being myself is which brought me where am i

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