App Development: Grasping Functional and Non-Functional Requirements

Credits: Productfolio
  • Authentication
  • Business core
  • Transactions, checkouts
  • Authorizations
  • Historical data
  • Loading speed
  • Time taken to deliver server response
  • User response time
  • Data consumption limits
  • Displaying restaurants in the area
  • Displaying menus
  • Placing orders
  • Processing transactions, etc.
  • Refresh restaurant listings every 5 minutes
  • Load menu within 10 seconds of clicking on menu button
  • Order confirmation must be sent within 2 seconds of payment

Role of Prototypes in Defining Requirements

How to Define Non-Functional Requirements


Being myself is which brought me where am i

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Amirrtha Kesavan

Amirrtha Kesavan

Being myself is which brought me where am i

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